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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "full day" cover?

We arrive early (so we can never be late), ready for everyone getting ready. We also arrive early so the cameras aren't straight out, we want to say hello to everyone and break that awkward ice of getting your photo taken by a stranger.

Then we are there right up until that sweet point after the first dance and just before guests get drunk-drunk and become so unphotogenic that even photoshop can't help. However, if you have plans in the evening you definitely want to be photographed then we will stay! 


We know how long we're welcome for at every wedding, we know what we've captured and we know not to overstay our welcome. The night is for you to enjoy and be free.

What's the deal with the pre-wedding shoot?

Although daunting to get in front of the camera, this shoot is a win-win for everyone involved. Most importantly we get to know each other, we chat, we sing, we have fun. I can't emphasise this enough but I don't want to arrive at your wedding a stranger, I want to be a person you can rely on.


It's also good to get use to the camera and feel comfortable because I know being in front of a camera is scary but imagine doing it on the most perhaps nerve-racking day of your life! Getting this shoot done means you know what to expect, you'll be more at ease and we will know exactly what photos work best you for lovelies!

The shoot is whenever and wherever you want. Edinburgh Christmas Market with all the fairy lights? Sure. Scottish Highlands? Absolutely. Botanic Gardens? 100% (if we're allowed). This shoot is also a fun day out for you guys.

We're going abroad, fancy coming?

YES PLEASE. I love abroad weddings, just hit me up with the details and we'll arrange a suitable price for you!

I've also always joked about becoming a honeymoon photographer. Take me with you to the Bahamas and you'll have banging holiday photos.

Are you okay with dogs?

Genuinely this is the question we get asked the most but to answer it as simply as possible:


We'd be offended if you didn't bring your dog. 

Miscellaneous questions that can be answered with yes.

Do you need to be fed? Yes, please.

Are you insured? Yuuuup. 

Do you make albums? Better believe we do!

How quickly do we get our photos? Typically 6-8 weeks is what we comfortably can manage.

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