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Whatever love means for you, we're here for it

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Everything you need to know

Once you've looked through our work and can see we're the right vibe for you and your day, there's a short contact form that you'll need to fill in and we'll get a quote sent over to you lovelies asap



We'll get in touch to have a chat by email, Zoom or in person so we can really get to know you as a couple and find out exactly what makes your perfect photographer.


Happy with everything? To book is 30% to be paid initially. From here we can help with recommendations on suppliers and advice on how to make your day even better


Other than developing your "photography mood board"* we don't need anything from you until 2 months before. Then we send over a detailed questionnaire on everything we'll need to know. The timings for the day, the suppliers you've chosen, group shot lists etc. 


When you're finished with the questionnaire it's time to have one final meeting to make sure we're all on the same page so everyone knows what the script is, what's expected and just to get hyped up for the big day.


WEDDING DAY! We have the most incredible day and your photographers knock it out the park because we already know exactly what you need from us and you know what we need from you!


The next day we send over some sneak peeks so if you're making your "got hitched" post you can use our photos. The remaining photos will be completed within that 6-8 week timeframe and will be worth the wait!


Your photography mood board is crucial. You've probably got a pinterest board set up or been sending Insta photos and TikToks to close friends about inspiration. We want these sent to us too. Couples that book us obviously love our style but each couple is different.

  • We have couples that want to do prosecco pops.

  • We have couples who want to be thrown in the air.

  • We have couples who want to do first looks.

  • We have couples who want to keep it relaxed and candid.

We don't want to come into your wedding with the wrong energy and give you photos you don't even want or photos you do want but you might assume we do it for every wedding (we don't, we don't come into every wedding with "pick up the newly weds and throw them).


We'd love to hear your wedding plans

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