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The Importance of Staged Candid Moments - First Looks

Every wedding day is filled with small moments that have big emotions. As wedding photographers, one of the most treasured parts of the day is capturing the intimate and candid moments during the bride's morning preparations. This is the time when anticipation and excitement start to build and the months and years of planning are starting to feel real.

The getting ready is usually fun and relaxed but as you approach the final stages the morning it's time to think about some planned moments. We obviously will photograph group shots later on in the day but this is an ideal point to spend a bit of quality time with specific people and get genuine photos together oppose to smiling for the camera.

1. Helping Hands: Who is going to help with your dress? Most commonly it's the mum who helps out and getting to have a bit of quality time together is stunning but this job is open to anyone you feel is important and deserving of helping you. As photographers, we strive to capture the tenderness in these moments, the details and the relationships.

2. Bridesmaids' Bonding: The bridesmaids are always the best hype squad for a wedding morning. From laughter to shared anecdotes, capturing these candid interactions paints a vivid picture of the support system surrounding the bride. These shots not only document the fun and excitement of the day but also serve as a beautiful reminder of the friendships that have stood the test of time.

3. The First Look: The first look is an emotionally charged moment that tugs at the heartstrings. Traditionally with the bride's father, in recent times it has evolved to any important figures in the bride's life (also anyone who you know it's going to provide a 10/10 reaction). The raw, genuine emotions shared during this first look are always a highlight in the gallery and some images that will forever live with you.

Although all these moments are setup from helping with the dress to first looks, they produce some of the best candid moments you could ask for. So when we talk about the importance of "getting ready" photos, the final 30 minutes are what we are talking about and are key to tell the story of you and your nearest and dearest.

Enjoy some further getting ready moments below and thanks for reading (yes, we vibe black and white a lot during this stage because it's stunning).


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